Tips for a Great Headshot Session

Here are a few tips to help you look and feel your best the day of your shoot. If you are looking for wardrobe tips.... watch for my next post.

Make sure to have a fresh manicure. If you are doing a headshot for acting, dancing, or business, polish should be in a neutral or clear color. For potential fashion models, you can opt for a trend forward color as long as it will coordinate with all your outfits.  Fashion models should also have a fresh pedicure in case some of the shots show feet.

Make sure to drink enough water in the days before your session. Dry skin is not pretty! You should moisturize the night before and the morning of your session. Hands, arms, neck, and face. If you are a fashion model, also come with fresh moisturizer on legs and feet.

Wear or bring a button-up shirt that you can wear when you are getting your hair and makeup done. That way your chosen wardrobe won’t be worn while you are sitting in the HMU chair but you’ll have something easy to take off. Don't arrive in any of your chosen outfits...hang them and bring them seperately. Your seatbelt and sitting during a long commute to the studio might leave the shirt on your back wrinkled and sweaty!

For most session have clean and DRY hair…you can wash it the day before as long as you don’t have too much product use. If you plan to get a fresh cut or color before your session make sure to do it a few days before the session...and I would go to a trusted stylist. The last thing you want for your shoot is a bad'll hate every shot, and we don't want that!

Moisturize your lips. I mean it....and that means you too guys!  Petroleum jelly is a lifesaver if you have severely dry lips.

Schedule a brow wax and a lip wax with a trustworthy stylist a few days before your session. Even if you like full brows a clean up can help make them look amazing for your shoot.

If you normally wear glasses make sure they are clean. If your eyeglasses do not have a non-glare coating, we recommend that you visit your optometrist to borrow a pair of your frames without glass. If that is not an option, we can remove glass glare in postproduction for an extra charge. Reading glasses make a nice prop and extra option so make sure to bring those too, especially if you have cute frames!

The studio has a great sound system so if your favorite tunes will help you relax and have fun make sure to bring a playlist. Othewise you'll be stuck listening to my 80's playlist. We can play anything with a microphone jack.

Try to get enough sleep the night before your shoot..I know it’s hard if you are excited or nervous but do your best!

Make sure to eat before you come and bring a snack just in case you need a little energy. The studio has water and beverages so we’ll cover that. If we are shooting on location please bring a water bottle.

For men, decide if you want a clean shaven look. If you want to shave at the studio bring your gear. Fashion models may want to have some shadow. If you have a beard make sure to do some grooming and trimming if needed before you arrive.